Welcome to the Wells Research Group

The Wells Environmental Biotechnology and Microbial Ecology (WE BioME) Lab works at the interface of environmental biotechnology and microbial ecology, with an emphasis on the study of microbial diversity, dynamics, interactions, and function in engineered and impacted natural aquatic systems. Our primary research interests are microbial nitrogen cycling and short-circuit biological nutrient removal processes, microbial ecology of engineered and natural settings, sustainable biological wastewater treatment, microbial greenhouse gas production, and resource and energy recovery from waste. See more at our Research page.

News and Updates

August - Longchen defends his master's thesis.

January - Raj, Xu and Longchen join the group as Masters students.

September - Alex Rosenthal joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher.

July - Han Gao and Jim Griffin win the 2014 Dow Sustainability Student Challenge Award for the project- "CANDO: Simultaneous Biological Nutrient Removal and Energy Generation from Wastewater"

April - Jim Griffin is selected as a 2014-2015 ISEN Cluster Fellow